Fes to Merzouga Desert 4 Days tour

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Desert tour

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    4 Days & 3 Nights Tour
    Availability : Year-Round
    Departure: Fes
    Arrival: Fes

    4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga

    4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga

    4 Days Tour from Fes to Merzouga. Book this 4-day and 3-night desert tour and give our native guides a chance to immerse you in a world full of exotics and wonders. Morocco has so much to offer and to show. On this 4-day Morocco Desert Tour, you will explore Morocco’s most popular attraction, the Merzouga Desert. Get ready to embark on a camel ride across the golden dunes to reach a charming luxury camp to stay a memorable night under a vast open sky of stars. Get ready to explore the desert’s region and learn about nomads’ lifestyles and culture. Your 4-day Sahara Desert tour from Fes come to an end in Fes.

    Why a private 4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga?

    Choosing a private Morocco tour offers uncounted benefits and wealth. A Moroccan private tour will give you the opportunity to have your own guide, who speaks your language, explain to you more deeply the history of the destination you visited. However, you can ask any question, and he will be glad to answer. Morocco Private Tour offers you the chance to have your own vehicle, which is very comfortable, spacious, and clean. A private tour gives you the flexibility to stop whenever you want, either to use the toilets, take photos, or just take a break.

    Throughout the entire trip, the driver and the car are always at your service. A private Moroccan tour provides more privacy, with the option to choose the accommodation you want according to your preferences and budget. A private tour in Morocco means more attention, more understanding, more flexibility, and more comfort. Whether traveling solo, with family, friends, or a couple, a private tour in Morocco promises an enriching and unforgettable journey, curated to create lasting memories.

    Morocco itinerary: 4 Day Morocco tour

    Day 1:Fes » Ifrane » Cedar Forest » Ziz Valley » Sahara Desert (Merzouga)

    Today marks the beginning of your 4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga. A native tour guide will be picking you up from your accommodation in Fes leaving for the Sahara Desert of Merzouga. Along the way, many charming sights and pleasant places await us. Our first stop will be the ancient land of lions, specifically in the Anti-Atlas, where Ifrane, or, as it is known, Morocco’s Switzerland, is located. Here, you have enough time for a coffee break. Take advantage of the opportunity to take a souvenir photo. A statue depicts the lion, signifying that the location was once a lion’s habitat. We drive from Ifrane to the Cedar Forst where the wild Macaques lives. Next to Zaida or Rich for a barbecue lunch, followed by a stop at the charming Ziz Valley, where your camera can capture a wonderful panoramic view.

    Later reach the Sahara Desert:

    Finally, we will arrive at the gateway to the desert, a small and hospitable city named Erfoud, renowned for its dates and fossil production. After that, we will travel to the golden dunes of Merzouga, also known as the Erg Chebbi dunes, where you will spend a magical two days. The first night will be spent in a beautiful and well-decorated camp located at the heart of the middle dunes second night in a luxury hotel. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable camel trek into the Sahara Desert’s dunes, where the golden sands stretch endlessly under the vast desert sky. As night falls, settle into a traditional Berber camp, where the warmth of hospitality and the magic of the desert awaits, promising an enchanting stay beneath the stars.

    Day 2:Merzouga Desert Excursion Visit (Nomads, Gnawas, Oases, and Meffis Mountain)

    Today we will embark on a captivating Sahara Desert excursion, immersing ourselves in the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Morocco’s iconic desert. The adventure begins by visiting Gnawa Village, where the rhythmic beats of traditional music pulse through the air, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into Morocco’s rich musical heritage.

    Next, we continue the journey into the heart of the desert, where nomadic Berber tribes welcome us into their tents, sharing stories of ancient customs and offering insights into their nomadic way of life. Thereafter, we discover the serenity of one of the area’s lush oases, a verdant oasis of tranquility amidst the desert sands, where palm trees sway gently in the breeze and cool, refreshing water provides respite from the sun’s heat. 

    Finally, venture to the mountain mine, where rugged peaks and rocky terrain offer a stark contrast to the vast expanse of the desert below. Explore the mineral-rich landscape, discovering the secrets hidden within the earth and marveling at the natural beauty that surrounds you. With each stop on this unforgettable excursion, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the diverse and enchanting wonders of the Sahara Desert, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Overnight in the hotel.

    Day 3:Sahara Desert » Rissani » Todgha Gorge » Dades Gorge

    On the 3rd day of your 4 Days in Morocco tour from Fes, we leave behind the enchanting expanse of the Sahara Desert and embark on a journey through the rugged beauty of Morocco’s southern landscape. First Today’s visit is Rissani, a town steeped in history and tradition, where the echoes of ancient trade routes still linger in the air. From Rissani, we venture deeper into the heart of the Atlas Mountains, where the awe-inspiring Todgha Gorge awaits. Take a leisurely walk along the river and enjoy the place’s great atmosphere. Next, continue to the dramatic twists and turns of the Dades Gorge, where ancient rock formations rise like sentinels against the azure sky. Finally, we transfer you to your accommodation for an overnight stay.

    Day 4:Dades Gorge » Ziz Valley » Midelt » Fes

    Today after a typical breakfast we leave for Fes along the way we will pass through Ziz Valley, Errachidia, we stop in Midelt for lunch then we continue to Fes. Upon arrival We will drop you off in Fes’s International Airport, where your 4 Days tour in Morocco come to an end. We hope you’ve had fun traveling with us and had some unforgettable experiences! The staff at Africa North Journeys looks forward to seeing you again soon.

    4 days tour from Fes Note:

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    Tour Includes:

    • All Pickups & drops off during your Tour with us
    • Airport Transfers First and Last Day
    • Fluently English-speaking Guide or Driver
    • Well Comfortable and air-conditioned Car 
    • Fuel For the Car
    • 2 Nights in a Super Clean and Comfortable accommodations
    • Desert Experience (Camel Rides - Excursion)
    • Visits to Fabulous Sights and Unique Places
    • 1 Night in a Desert Luxury Camp or Standard
    • Assistant - Help 24/7 During your Tour with us
    • Breakfasts
    • 3 Dinners in (2 in Merzouga Desert & 1 in Dades)

    Tour Excludes:

    • Lunches & Drinks
    • Tickets of Historical Monuments
    • Travel insurance & Tipping

    Take into Account!!

    Thanks for reading through our detailed itinerary for these 4 days tour from Fes to Merzouga. We hope that it fits what you are looking for! If not, we are happy to tailor a different tour itinerary to your preferences, taking into account the activities you wish to engage in Morocco and the length of stay you prefer. Please keep in mind that the more people who join our tours, the lower the price you’ll pay per person. However, the cost of accommodation varies from destination to destination. On the other hand, the cost of transportation remains constant from one period to the next.

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    4 Day trip to Morocco Map:

    Morocco itinerary 4 Days

    4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga

    4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga Reviews:

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      New Zealand

      We had a wonderful 4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga with Africa North Journeys we started the tour from Fes and we went to the Desert of MERZOUGA to live the experience of Camel Ride and Overnight stay at the camp. Absolutely the trip was amazing and unforgettable Moha’s Knowledge and patient made our trip memorable thanks for this incredible tour, Moha. We highly recommend this Agency. 

    Here are Answers to Questions you may Have?

    Tours of Morocco

    How far can i book this 4 days Morocco tour from Fes?

    We recommend booking this tour as soon as possible, allowing us to arrange everything in advance, including hotel transportation and local guides. However, we only confirm the tour once we receive a deposit of 20%.

    Could I add more days to these 4 Days in Morocco?

    The simple answer is yes, you can. With our tailored-made tours, every traveler can add or reduce a day from any tour he chooses. We will be delighted if you contacted us to help you with this. Our team is available 24/7 to serve as much as possible. WhatsApp us

    Do I can Rent only transportation and book hotels by myself?

    Easly Yes, we do offer this option to our travelers, who prefer to hire only our transportation, allowing them to handle their accommodations. We have previously provided transportation services to numerous tourists. So we inform you that with us, it is possible to book your hotels and flights by yourself, and we can take care of the rest.

    What is the most popular tour in Morocco?

    The Marrakech-Merzouga Desert Tour  and Fes to Marrakech Desert Tours are the most popular in Morocco. This tour typically lasts 2–3–4–5–6–7-8-10 days and includes visits to Fes, the Middle Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, Todgha and Dades Gorges, Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou, High Atlas Mountains, and Marrakech. Travelers can experience camel rides, traditional Berber meals, and overnight stays in desert camps. To fully enjoy this tour, we recommend booking with a reputable tour operator who offers knowledgeable guides, comfortable transportation, and quality accommodations.

    Can we Ride the car instead of Camels to the Desert Camp?

    Yes, you have the option to travel to your desert camp using camels, a journey that typically takes between an hour and a half to two full hours. However, some individuals, particularly the elderly, may find it difficult to ride a camel for extended periods. Fortunately, we can transport you to the camp by car, (But you will pay extra fees 40 euro including return)

    Can we skip or to add a place during the tour?

    Yes! Even during the tour with us (Africa North Journeys), you can skip from one place to another. Additionally, you have the option to include a place not on the itinerary. You can accomplish this by either contacting us or your driver guide. However, keep in mind that you cannot change the overnight stay destinations while on the trip.

    How much Sandboard costs?

    During your stay at the desert camp or hotel, you have the sandboard free to use whenever and however long you want.

    What is the Different between Luxury Camp and Standard Camp?

    Luxury camps offer an upscale camping experience with high-end accommodations, private bathrooms, gourmet dining, and personalized services such as butlers. They often feature amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and stylish furnishings. In contrast, standard camps provide a more basic and rustic experience with simpler tents or cabins, communal bathrooms, basic meals, and limited amenities.


    What Should I Pack for a 4 Day tour in Morocco?

    For a 4 Days tour from Fes to Merzouga, pack lightweight, breathable layers for the day and warmer clothes for cool nights. Bring long-sleeved shirts, comfortable walking shoes, sandals, a hat, sunglasses, and a scarf. Essential items include sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent, toiletries, daypack, flashlight, power bank, and a camera or smartphone. Don’t forget travel documents, a small first aid kit, and a travel pillow. Optional items are a journal, book, or travel games. Pack light to ensure comfort and ease during travel.



    Are there towels and toilet paper at the Desert Camp?

    Yes, whether you choose a standard camp or a luxury camp, you have towels in your private tent and toilet paper in the bathroom.



    How long does it take to ride a camel to the desert camp?

    Your driver guide will drop you off at the edge of the golden dunes. From there, your camels will take you to the desert camp, which approximately lasts 1 and a half to 2 complete hours.



    Can we ride back in the car from the camp instead of Camel?

    Yes, you can use camels or either the camp’s car or our Jeep to get back to where your driver dropped you off.



    Are there any electrical outlets at the Desert Camp?

    Yes, at your desert camp, there are electrical outlets in each tent, both the luxury camp and the standard camp.



    Can we transport our luggage to the camp?

    Yes, your luggage will be transported to the desert camp, where you will stay the night by the camp’s car or by us. The essential is that your luggage will arrive at the camp before you arrive.



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    4 Day tour to Morocco

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