14 Day Morocco itinerary tour from Casablanca

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    14 Days & 13 Nights
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    14 Day Morocco itinerary

    2 Weeks in Morocco & 14 Days in Morocco & 14 Days Morocco Private Tour

    14 Day Morocco itinerary Overview:

    2 Weeks in Morocco

    Experience the beauty of Morocco in just 14 Day Morocco itinerary. In this trip you will be impressed in a world full of magic and wonders. The tour starts from the economic capital of Morocco Casablanca. On a journey to many fabulous sites. You will get to discover Rabat, the royal capital of Morocco, Asilah, the ancient city, Chefchaouen, the blue pearl as some call it. Afterwards head to Volubilis and Meknes, where the civilization, empire, and history lies. Later, to Fez for two nights to dive into what this city has to offer in terms of authentic historical landmarks, and dive into its sharming markets. Thereafter we drive south passing throughout the small Switzerland of Morocco (Ifrane). Cedar forest.

    → To Sahara Desert

    Later we pass the middle Atlas Mountains to reach the Sahara Desert where you will be Embracing the serene beauty of a Sahara sunset at Erg Chebbi Dunes. In this vast expanse of sand, every end of the day feels like a peaceful surrender to nature’s masterpiece. Here you will ride the camels, experience a night in charming luxury camp at the heart of the desert. Next we visit Errissani city which has a traditional market that lives on every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday here you can find donkeys parking instead of car’s parking, you find hand crafts products that are made from goat’s and sheep’s skin.

    → One Thousand Kasbah Road

    Furthermore, we visit two fascinating gorges that are lies on our way the (Todgha gorges and Dades Gorges), Also the famous kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou. Later we pass the high atlas mountains and stop on an overlooking panorama at Tizi N’tichka with an elevation of 2260 meters. Last but not least you will get to discover Marrakech in a sightseeing tour by a hand of a local guide from the area. Lastly to Essaouira which Locates at the coastal line for an overnight stays. Finally, to Casablanca where the 14 Day Morocco itinerary end.

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    Arrival & departure of 14 Day Morocco itinerary

    Morocco 2 weeks

    Arrival Destination


    You will be picked up by our Driver Guide from the Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca

    Departure Destination


    You will be dropped off in Your Accommodation in Casablanca or in Mohamed V International Airport.

    Brief Itinerary of: Morocco itinerary 14 Days

    Two Weeks in Morocco

    Brief itinerary


       ‌‌1st Day:

    Arrival in Casablanca (overnight in Casablanca)

    2nd Day:

    Casablanca to Asliha (overnight in Asilah)

    3rd Day:

    Asilah to Chefchaouen (overnight in Chefchaouen) ‌

    4th Day:

    Chefchaouen (Overnight in Chefchaouen) ‌

    5th Day:

    Chefchaouen to Fez (Overnight in Fes)

    6th Day:

    Fez (Overnight in Fes) ‌

    7th Day:

    Fez to Merzouga desert (Overnight in luxury camp in Merzouga) ‌

    8th Day:

    Merzouga desert (Overnight in a hotel in Merzouga) ‌

    9th Day:

    Merzouga Desert to Bomalen Dades (Overnight in Dades) ‌

    10th Day:

    Bomalen Dades to Marrakech (Overnight in Marrakech) ‌

    11th Day:

    Marrakech (Overnight in Marrakech) ‌

    12th Day:

    Marrakech to Essaouira: (Overnight in Essaouira) ‌

    13th Day:

    Essaouira to Casablanca (Overnight in Casablanca) ‌

    14th Day:

    Departure in Casablanca Mohamed V international airport

    Program of: 14 Days in Morocco tour itinerary from Casablanca

    Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca

    Today of your 14 Day Morocco itinerary, you will be picked up by our driver guide from Africa North journeys who will meet you at the airport Mohamed V in Casablanca. Depending on your arrival time if you arrived earlier during the day, we will make a small visit to the Hassan ll Mosque the largest Mosque in Morocco and third largest in Africa with an overlooking to the Atlantic Ocean with 210 meters high which it considers the second highest minaret in the world. You can have a walk in the Cornish or even taste the Moroccan fish beside the ocean. Later we transfer you to your hotel for the overnight stay.

    • → Accommodations:
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Hotel Kenzi Basma Hotel Milliber Sofitel Casablanca

    • → Meals included: Only Breakfast is included at the hotel.
    • → Distance: 33 Km from The Airport to the Hotel.
    • → Duration: Depends on the Traffic but Approximately Half an Hour

    Day 2: Casablanca - Rabat - Asilah

    The Day starts with a typical Moroccan breakfast and then we keep on our adventure to Asilah. We will drive along the coastal line of the Atlantic Ocean along the way there is much for the eyes to see in Rabat our visit to this wonderful and the capital city of Morocco includes: the Hassan’s Tower is one of the most monuments that shouldn’t be missed in your visit. The tower is such uncompleted minaret that was intended to be the largest minaret in the world and the mosque if was completed would have been the largest Mosque in the muslim western world.

    → Make the way to Asilah

    Thereafter we visit Oudays Kasbah The Kasbah was built for the purpose of being a refuge for the Moroccan army, which was going to liberate Andalusia. The next visit is Challah’s kasbah It was an important commercial centre. However, the information is not accurate because excavations have stopped, and many of the features of this kasbah are still under the rubble and have not yet been explored. Later after lunch we continue the way to Asliha where you spend the night in a great Hotel.

    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast is included at the hotel.
    • → Distance: 299.8 km From Casablanca to Asilah City
    • → Duration: 5 Hours with Stops

    Day 3: Asilah - Tanger - Chefchaouen

    Today’s after a northern breakfast. We start our journey from Asilah on the way to Chefchaouen by passing through Tanger. Or as it known by the “bride of the North” in here first thing we do is visiting the Hercule’s cave and the history behind it is that Hercules one day was sent by his rein to steal three golden apples from hesparadise garden. The apples were believed to confer immortality. And Hercule on his way to the hesparadise he stayed in that cave.

    Thereafter closer to the cave, the cap Spartel is located and it’s the the second closest point to Spain after the one in Tunisia. The place is considered a watchtower against pirates and Smuggling ships. Next, after lunch probably we make a small visit to the old Medina then we keep driving inland to the blue pearl (Chefchaouen) but the way between is just fantastic with the magnificent landscapes that the area has to offer. Stops are made along the way. In the afternoon we arrive our main destination for the overnight stay.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Hicham Dar Echchaouen Dar Jasmine 
    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast is included at the hotel.
    • → Distance:149.3 km From Asilah to Chefchaouen
    • → Duration: 5 Hours with Stops

    Day 4: Free exploring day in Chefchaouen

    Today is such a free day where you can enjoy it by your own. After breakfast you can stroll the Medina and explore its narrow streets that are painted with blue and white color, and they say the blue color helps in getting rid of mosquitoes because the area known by many waterfalls and rivers that brings those mosquitos. During your day you can hike the mountain in order to reach the Spanish mosque which locates in a wonderful overlooking of the old Medina and there a magic Sunset can be catched. later back to the Riad for the overnight stay

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Hicham Dar Echchaouen Dar Jasmine 
    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast is included at the hotel.
    • → Distance: No Drive required today.
    • → Duration: free day to explore by your own.

    Day 5: Chefchaouen - Roman Ruins - Meknes - Fes

    Your Morocco tour still brings wonders and today is no same as yesterday. After a typical Moroccan breakfast, we departure to Volubilis as our first stop. Volubilis or Oualili in Arabic language. It’s a place that dates back to 25 BC. The site was built by roman and later was extended by the Almoravids to be later the capital of Mauritania Which it has been the first remote capital during that period. Next, we keep driving to Meknes, the Ismaili Capital the city has so much to offer and one of it is the charming bab El Mansour a great juge door that moulay Smail has built, and it was a gate to his palace.

    Sahrij Souani & Heri Souani

    Next, we visit also the Sahrij Souani and is such a big pool with 5 meters deep and 300 meters long is built especially for supplying water during the driest times it can serve public sites, schools, mosques, As well as public baths and private homes. Last but not least we visit the Heri Souani which is a historical monument that is built especially as a form of many buildings to save the local’s products that the area known by such as olive, olive oil, wheet, corn, and many other products. Moreover, it’s a place where the king was leaving his horses. Next ones we are in fes we will drop you off at your riad for the overnight stay.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Yamanda Palias Houyam Palais Faraj Suites
    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast is included at the Riad.
    • → Distance: 197 Km from Chefchaouen to Fes.
    • → Duration: 5-6 Hours including Stops.

    Day 6: Sightseeing tour in Fes

    Experience on the sixth day of your 14 Day Morocco itinerary the best sights in Fes. Today is more than a normal day as we dedicate it to explore Fes Medina which is one of the four Moroccan imperial cities that has been built in year 789 by the hands of Idris bin Abdullah. The city was a home to the Andalusian families who took refuge there and settled in what was known as the Andalusian enemy, also a home for the The Jews who have built their own neighborhood called Al-Mallah. And it’s still standing up so far.

    Our sightseeing tour of this marvellous city starts with a visit to the famous Golden Royal Palace doors. A touristic attraction Which known in Morocco as Dar El Makhzan. The palace dates back to 13 century it has been built by the hands of Marinid dynasty then it extended to Alouite Sultans, until it has reached to Mohamed 6. Afterwards we move on to the next sight the Pottery factory to see how the locals and the craftsmen makes amazing products from ceramics that dates back to 700 years but according to the historians they say it appears in the Phoenician regiments.

    → Medina Secrets:

    Thereafter we visit a spectacular panoramic of Fes from the top of a hill. Later we step on to get lost in the old Medina. You have 3 hours or more to stroll around the small and the wonder streets.The visit in the medina includes Medrasa Bouanania, the Najjarine Fountain. The Tannaries, and lastly the Quaraouin’s Mosque and University which consider as the oldest University in the world dating back to 859 built by Fatima bint Muhammad Al-Fihri Al-Qurashi. Finally, after a full day full of history, monuments, sights we Drive you back to your Riad at the Heart of the Medina for the overnight.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Yamanda Palias Houyam Palais Faraj Suites
    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast is included at the Riad.
    • → Distance: Around 10 Km Only Inside the city
    • → Duration:  4-5 Hours of the Sightseeing tour.

    Day 7: Fes - Ifrane - Cedar Forest - Ziz Valley - Merzouga Desert

    Today we Embrak on a journey to the Sahara Desert. No doubt that there are spectacular landscapes along the way to see. The first stop is Ifrane City, you can also call it the small Swisszrland of Morocco as many do, a break then we continue to the Cedar Forest. Here many Barbary Macaques Took the Forest as their home after having immigrated from Gibraltar. It is considered a rare and endangered monkey Feeding them is desired, but caution is obligation. Next a stop for lunch then we move on to visit an overlooking panorama of the Ziz Valley.

    → To Sahara Desert:

    Where you can see only the palm trees are grown up all over and it’s the living source of the locals in that area, we take some pictures then we step on the way but this time to the Sahara Desert of Merzouga where you will find your camels are parked waiting for you to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. By camels you will cross the desert. In the the middle way a stop in a top overlooking is made to dive in a fantastic sunset and also, to take memorable pictures . After arriving your desert camp you will be welcomed by a mint tea glass then you will be guided to your fabulous tent for the overnight. Later after having dinner, you will enjoy Berber music around the campfire under a vast open sky of stars which is the highlight of today’s journey.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Tirsall Luxury Desert Yasmina Camp Desert Luxury Camp
    • Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner included.
    • → Distance:  460 Km from Fes to Sahara Desert.
    • → Duration:  8-9 Hours with Stops.

    Day 8: Merzouga Desert Excursion

    Waking up early today is a must do, in order to catch what might be the best sunrise in your life. After a typical Desert breakfast, we begin our day by making some adventures on the sand. Our driver guide will drive you on the dunes by our comfortable 4×4 Toyota to feel the real adventures how do they feel like. Hiking the dunes lasts around an hour before reaching the Nomads families for having a set in Thier hand moven tent an being welcomed with a glass of tea Which is the traditional way of welcoming everywhere in Morocco. Next is Meffis village It was colonized by the French during the era of the French protectorate that was signed over Morocco in 1912.

    → To Gnawa & Oases:

    The place is known for extracting precious metals and eyeliner, here some ruins and houses are still standing to this day. Thereafter we drive to Gnawa village it’s a dark-skinned people are originally from Sudan and Mali they have settled their own village After they immigrated from Thier homeland and the main source of living for most of them is singing traditional African rythmes, and some they have restaurants, and coffees. After listening to Thier typical Musics that will take your breath away to dive into the culture, traditions and the history behind them. Tipping is must then we go for having a berber pizza in lunch at a traditional Restaurant in the same village. Later before driving you to the hotel you will have a walk at one of the oaseses of the area to explore what this area grows on it. Overnight at the hotel.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Ksar Bicha Hotel Hotel Kasbah Yasmina Kasbah Hotel Tombouctou 
    • Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner included.
    • → Distance:  40 Km from Around the Desert.
    • → Duration:  4 Hours of Exploration.

    Day 9: Merzouga Desert - Errisani - Todgha Gorge - Bomalen Dades

    Today’s of your last day in Sahara Desert is not going to be an unforgettable if you didn’t put Stinginess away and you wake up ones again to see the sunrise over the small dunes in front of your hotel. Later after breakfast we start our journey towards Bomalen Dades Great sites are waiting us along the way. As we begin with Errissani city if you are lucky you will come on the souk’s day which is live every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. It’s a typical traditional Market where all the villages around the area comes to shop or to sell what to they produce and one the ways of transporting here is by donkeys so that’s why you are going to see donkey’ parking instead of Cars.

    → To Todra Gorge & Dades Gorge:

    Next, we keep driving this time to Todra Gorges. One of the Marvelous places in Morocco. The place is sush a natural oasis created by the River Todra carving its way through limestone for many centuries. What makes this attraction unique is the canyon walls that reach over 400 meters in height. Also the place is known for climbing the mountains it’s an activity that tourists do most. Thereafter Lunch we step on the way to Bomalen Dades and the last visit for today is the Dades Gorges a spectacular panoramic view that shows how great is the road in between the mountains. Finally drop off at your Riad or Hotel.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Ksar Sultan Dar Blues Hotel Xaluca Dades 
    • Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner included.
    • → Distance:  253 Km from Merzouga to Bomalen Dades.
    • → Duration:  6-7 Hours with Stops.

    Day 10: Boumalne Dades - Ouarzazate - Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah - Tizi N'tichka - Marrakech

    Today is a special one we are now in one thousand kasbah Road. Our day starts with a nice breakfast then move towards the Kalaat M’agouna. A city known for Rose products, a stop in women Cooperative on our way is advised to get to see how the locals here produce hunders of products only from roses, for example, the body cream, Soap, Oils, and many others that we will take your breath away and beat your Heart faster. Afterwards we continue to Ouarzazate Hollywood of Africa. The name means the quiet city in the Berber language. The city is considered one of the largest natural film studios in the world. Ouarzazate in its modern form does not exceed 100 years old, as it was only a military barracks for the French garrison.

    → Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah:

    Next we head to Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah that has considered as one of the best existing examples of Moroccan medieval architecture, the kasbah has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. This castle is distinguished by its distinctive location, its massive construction, and its unique architecture. Later after lunch we continue our long way and this time to the Atlas Mountains where we can have a stop at an overlooking panorama at Tizi N’tichka pass which lies between Marrakech and Ouarzazate. It is an elevation of 2260 meters above the sea level.

    Now, after reaching the top, we will drive down. It takes two hours to reach the red city of Marrakesh. There, we will drop you off at your accommodation to spend the night, probably still time to have a walk around Jemaa el-Fna in the square that never sleeps and also can have dinner there.

    • → Accommodations:
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Zahri Riad Bahia Salam Spa La Maison Arabe Hotel

    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.

    • → Distance: 314 Km from Boumalne Dades Marrakech.
    • → Duration:  5-6 Hours with Stops.

    Day 11: Marrakech Sightseeing tour with a Local guide

    After Having your breakfast at the Riad. A local guide of the area is already on the agenda for today. Your local guide will come to your accommodation at around 10:00 to start exploring what the city of Marrakech has to show. By the way Marrakech is one of the four Moroccan imperial cities the city called also the Red Town Because most of its houses are painted by red, so that during sunset, the city becomes more beautiful and brighting. Some sources say that Marrakesh dates back to the Almoravids era, and others say that the city was explored in 1070 by some Berber tribes that came from the Sahara.

    → Historical Monuments:

    Your Visit for today includes: Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs, Ben Youssef Quranic Mosque. Next is having a walk at the Medina’s Souks, to see what handcrafters makes. Thereafter Lunch in a restaurant at Medina then continuing the Sightseeing tour by visiting the Kotoubia Mosque, finally your local guide will bye you near the Jamaa El Fna Square now you can go by your own and stroll around. There you can see story tellers, Acrobatics, Scouts, and many wonders that some can’t be believed. Later walk back by your own to the Riad after having dinner outside.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Zahri Riad Bahia Salam Spa La Maison Arabe Hotel
    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.
    • → Distance: Walk Tour
    • → Duration:  3 Hours of Exploration 

    Day 12: Marrakech - Essaouira

    Today’s Journey Starts by Driving west to the small and the cozy artistic town of Essaouira a city knows for the wind, serf, and horseback. The way between Marrakech and Essaouira is not as you expect it nothing interesting to see we will make only one stop to see the Argan Cooperative that has been created by Women struggling to fight poverty and begging. From then it takes half an hour to reach Essaouira where we drop you at your Riad for the overnight. There is still time to stroll and to embark on this fantastic city as you can visit, Bab Scala, Beach, Medina, and the port. Lunch you can have at a restaurant beside the ocean if you want to taste the Moroccan fresh fish. The whole afternoon is yours to enjoy your time and later you can go back to the Riad by feet.

    • → Accommodations: 
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Maison Du Sud Riad Raoud Rayhane Hotel Le Medina
    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.
    • → Distance: 177 Km from Marrakech to Essaouira.
    • → Duration:  3 Hours with Stops.

    Day 13: Essaouira - Casablanca

    At 9:00 your driver guide will pick you up from the Riad and head the Road north to Casablanca only Highway lies head on us. In the afternoon we arrive Casablanca where you will be dropped off at your booked Hotel Closer to The Hassan ll Mosque. Overnight stay in a charming Hotel.

    • → Accommodations:
    Basic Middle Luxury
    Hotel Kenzi Basma Hotel Milliber Sofitel Casablanca

    • Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.
    • → Distance: 377 Km from Essaouira to Casablanca
    • → Duration:  5.5 Hours.

    Day 14: Casablanca - Mohamed V Internatinal Airport

    Tears of separation are inevitable, but separation is a must. Today is the last day of your 14 Day Morocco itinerary. Your driver will take you to the airport there your trip end. Hope you got an unforgettable.

    Take into Account!!

    Thanks for Reading all through our Detailed Itinerary of this 14-day Morocco itinerary. We hope that it fits what you are looking for! If not, we are happy to provide you with a different tour itinerary that sincerely will be customized according to your preferences which means the activities you want to do in Morocco, and the destinations you prefer to stay in longer or shorter. Please take into account that the more people join our tours the lower price you will get per person. However the price of the accommodation changes from Destination to other. From one period to other, on the other hand the transportations price is fixed. Discover other tour itineraries: 8 Days Morocco TourMorocco itinerary 10 Days – 12 Day Morocco tour 

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    14 Days in Morocco Travel Note:

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    Tour Includes:

    • All Pickups & drops off during your Tour with us
    • Airport Transfers First and Last Day
    • Fluently English-speaking Guide or Driver
    • Well Comfortable and air-conditioned Car 
    • Fuel For the Car
    • 12 Nights in a Super Clean and Comfortable accommodations
    • Marrakech Fes City Tours with Local Guides
    • Desert Experience (Camel Rides - Excursion)
    • Visits to Fabulous Sights and Unique Places
    • 1 Night in a Desert Luxury Camp or Standard
    • Assistant - Help 24/7 During your Tour with us

    Tour Excludes:

    • Lunches & Drinks & Dinners
    • Tickets of Historical Monuments
    • Travel insurance & Tipping

    14 Day Morocco itinerary Map:

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    Reviews & Testimonials

    14 Day Morocco itinerary
    • Morocco tours
      14 Days Morocco Tour

      My Tour to Morocco with Africa North Journeys is more than excellent Hassan and Moha did an excellent job of making my trip a lifetime experience from the beginning to the end of my 14 Day Morocco itinerary I got super service and everyday smiles. The locals everywhere are so nice and welcomeness. Morocco is really a fascinating country that everybody reads my comment has to visit this country and choose Africa North Journeys as his trusted hand to Easly explore the secrets of Morocco.

    • Morocco tours
      2 Weeks in Morocco

      I have traveled to 21 countries around the World but this 2 weeks in Morocco with Africa North Journeys is defiantly on the top of my tree best tours. Mohamed or Moha as his nickname was my awesome and very knowledgeable driver guide. Very professional in his job and easy to communicate with thanks to his fluently English speaking.  As I’m a solo traveler from USA honestly, I didn’t expect to get such care and eye listening, but the truth was totally different.  Thank you all, I highly recommend this tour agency.

    • Morocco tours
      Morocco itinerary 14 Days

      Travelling with friends to Morocco was the best thing i did ever in my life. Our tour of 14 Day Grand Morocco tour with Said from ANJ Company way least to say amazing. the itinerary offered to us was excellent as we wanted it to be. However, it includes most of magical Morocco’s cities, sincerely top service, great communication with Said full of information about Morocco and a lot of fun during our stay on the vehicle which it was very comfortable and spacious. See you Said for sure we will be coming back to Morocco one day to see you!!

    Frequently asked questions?

    14 Day Morocco itinerary

    Is 14 Day Morocco itinerary enough?

    The 14 Days Morocco tour is more than enough to spend in Morocco it includes all the fabulous sites that Morocco has to Show. This Grand tour offers a unique experience to tour the country without rushing through. During the 14 Days in Morocco as mentioned above it includes most of Morocco’s parts and cities such as (Casablanca, Rabat, Asilah, Tanger, Chefchaouen, Meknes, Fes, Sahara Desert, Todgha Gorges, Dades Gorge, Ouarzazate, Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Marrakech and Finally Essaouira). As a short answer Yes 14 Days is a perfect duration for anyone has Grand Vacation.

    Which is the best Month to Travel to Morocco?

    There is no best month to travel to Morocco each year’s season is a unique taste and different adventure’s atmosphere. It’s all about your preferences, if you are a lover of Spring you could travel in April and May up to June where it starts getting hot. September, October, December are amazing periods to travel however fair-weather. January and February are great month as well to travel because it’s not very cold in Morocco as in Europe. Travelling to Morocco has a special taste it doesn’t matter when. But the most important thing is to get to know the details of this Magical country. And its generous welcoming people.

    Unique things to do in Morocco?

    During your stay in Morocco is good to Know that a various of Activities are waiting for you! Try Quad biking, Camel Ride in Sahara Desert, As well as Horse ride in Essaouira, Or Fire Ballon in Marrakech City. In General Morocco is a destination for all kind travelers. Adventurous lovers or old people who loves relaxing on the beach under the sunshine. Also, for those looking to do serf Make your way to Essaouira or better to Dakhla City.

    Morocco all-inclusive Holiday

    Morocco’ all-inclusive holiday is one of the most required trips that facilitate travelers to travel easily, comfortably, and in peace of Mind where they can enjoy their holiday without thinking abo the small details. At our Popular tours, we do inclusive on the price Most important things such as transportation with driver, accommodation and local guides. However, Travelers can take care of meals, such as Lunches and dinners. If you are looking for a day trip or a Desert tour, on the other hand, a Grand tour with all-inclusive please get in touch with us. Our experienced tourism Team will lend a hand of help to customize a lifetime itinerary in Morocco that will satisfy you undoubtedly.

    Morocco Private Tours

    Morocco private tours are the Most chosen trips in Morocco it’s because the travelers have flexibility, to customize the trip’s itinerary according to their preferences which means you can include the places you are looking to visit or otherwise the activities you are thinking to do. A private tour is the best option for a unique experience. However, you will have a private air-conditioned Vehicle, a super knowledgeable private tour Guide or Driver. As we don’t forget a private tour ensures comfort convenience and best experience. For more info about this please don’t hastate to contact us.

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    Morocco Adventure Tours

    Morocco adventure tours offer a hair-raising experience for adventurous lovers. Africa North Journeys Offers a variety of Adventures tours and Excursions all around Morocco which includes spectacular places and sights that can’t be reachable by anyone. Places where you can divers witness and immerse yourself in. With our well comfortable Vehicles even the long routes are comfort. On the other hand, away of Tours by car there is a super option of Camel trekking through the Sahara Desert which can last up to 15 Days of trekking undoubtly this is a great adventure where you be surrounded only by nature far away from Cities’ noise and people screaming. For more info about Our adventure tours or Camel Trekking trips please knock on us.

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    6 Day Morocco itinerary

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