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    10 Days & 9 Nights
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    10 Days in Morocco Tour itinerary

    10 Days Morocco tour Package & 10 Days Morocco Private Tour

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days Overview

    Tour in Morocco

    In this 10 Days Morocco tour, will not be limited only in discovering and enjoyment. Thanks to our expert guides who have at least 20 years of experience, who will make your Moroccan trip, to say the least, an unforgettable one and will remain in eternal memory. The tour includes imaginary regions and places that are not devoid of history, while others are dominated by civilization, as well as geology. The History lies in the ancient city of Fez, Meknes and Marrakesh, while civilization has its capital in Volubilis and Rabat.

    As for the stunning views, there is no doubt that they are everywhere, but especially in Chefchaouen and the eastern desert in Merzouga. On the way of thousands Kasbah the magic still lies. As Visiting the Todgha and Dades Gorges, which are considered among the best in Morocco, is a definite matter. The end will be in Casablanca. Rest assured that your visit to Morocco will be in a safe hands, full of expertise and experience.

    Arrival & departure of 10 Day Morocco itinerary

    Around Morocco Tour

    Arrival Destination


    You will be picked up by our Driver Guide from the Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca

    Departure Destination


    You will be dropped off by our Driver Guide in Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca

    Brief Itinerary of: Morocco itinerary 10 Days

    Tours from Casablanca

    Brief itinerary

       ‌‌1st Day:

    Arrival in Casablanca drive to Rabat (overnight in Rabat)

    2nd Day:

    Rabat to Chefchaouen (overnight in Chaouen)

    3rd Day:

    Chefchaouen to Fes (overnight in Fes) ‌

    4th Day:

    Fes City Tour (Overnight in Fes) ‌

    5th Day:

    Fez to Sahara (Overnight in a Deset Camp)

    6th Day:

    Merzouga Desert Excursion (Overnight in Merouga Hotel) ‌

    7th Day:

     Merzouga to Boumalne Dades (Overnight in Dades) ‌

    8th Day:

    Boumalne Dades to Teloaut (Overnight in Telouat) ‌

    9th Day:

    Telouat to Marrakech (Overnight in Marrakech) ‌

    10th Day:

    Marrakech transfer to the airport 

    Detailed Itinerary of 10 Days in Morocco

    Morocco tour Package

    Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca & Transfer to Rabat Capital

    Welcome to Morocco. Your First day of 10 Days Morocco tour Starts with a pick up from Mohamed V international airport by our Driver guide from Africa North Journeys. Depending on your arrival time as a hope if you landed earlier in the morning or midday there is still time to visit the Hassan ll Mosque that doesn’t close until 15:00 of the afternoon. The Mosque locates at the coastal side of the economical city of Casablanca. The mosque has been built in year 1993.

    The idea behind the building is that the king wanted to give the city an impact, Radiation, and interest which building the mosque was a way of caring about the city and it’s inhabitants. By paying the ticket cost you can enter to dive into this amazing structure, where Islamic decoration and architecture are found everywhere. Tiles and wood are the most important features of this historical landmark. Thereafter the we drive north to Rabat the capital city of Morocco where the current king Mohamed is staying most of the year. After arriving our destination, you will be transferred to you Riad at the Medina for the overnight.

    Meals included: Only Breakfast.

    Distance: 90 km from Casablanca to Rabat

    Duration: 2-3 Hours


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Zyo Riad Kalaa Hotel Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses


    Day 2: Rabat Small tour - Driver to Chefchaouen (the blue City)

    Having the first night at the Royal city of Morocco perhaps it’s l feeling like no other. Our day after breakfast we dedicate it to explore the most famously sites of the city as we begin with Oudays Kasbah, the fragrance of history and the echo of Andalusia which dates back to the 12 centuries. After that, we will visit Chellah, the ancient commercial center, one of the places steeped in history, whose founding dates back to the sixth century BC.

    Thereafter we visit Hassan Tower, one of the impeccable monuments that Rabat proud about its a landmark that dates back to centuries If the Lisbon earthquake had not been the cause, we would have seen the largest minaret in the world. Walking among the unfinished columns is an unparalleled feeling. At end of our city tour we drive inland along the rif Mountain in order to reach chefchaouen where the source of beauty lies. It’s blue pearl by day and shiny city by night, the relaxation and divine landscapes are here to emanate. Overnight stay in an incredible Host.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast.

    Distance: 253 km From Rabat to Chefchaouen

    Duration: 5–6 Hours with Stops


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Hicham Dar Echchaouen Dar Jasmine 

    Day 3: Chefchaouen - Volubilis - Meknes - Fes

    Head to Fes, it’s a journey of history and civilization, the first stop on the way to Fes is Volubilis Land, a city known many Eras. A Roman city par excellence that have been built and prepared and nothing has forgotten. The construction suggests the presence of public spaces, temples, courts, and houses literally decorated with tiles and mosaics. Next to Meknes famous for the Ismaili Capital.

    The genius Moulay Smail, the founder of the city, combined the elements of Islamic and European design in a consistent and harmonious. Meknes now It connects the south to the north, and Fez to the Atlantic coast. We have enough time to walk and to see the Monuments of the city such as; Hri Swani, Sahrij Swani, Qara prison, Bab Mansour, and finally the Ismaili Museum. After lunch time we keep continue to our destination Fes for overnight stay in a charming Riad.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast is included at the Riad.

    Distance: 197 Km from Chefchaouen to Fes.

    Duration: 5-6 Hours including Stops.

    Day 4: Sightseeing tour in Fes

    Diving and embarking on the land of the thirteenth century is inevitable. Your local tour guide will accompany you on a day full of exploration. As a summary, Fez is considered one of the most ancient Moroccan cities. It is also distinguished by a huge number of historical monuments, the most prominent of which is what you and your guide will visit. The golden Palace gates is your first Dive. A door which gives an Idea how the royalty is, well decorated with wood, mosaics, and the Great Moroccan tiles.

    → Golden Doors – Ceramics:

    The palace has been built only at the seventies of the last century. The grandeur of the outer doors gives us an important idea of ​​how wonderful the inside of the palace is, which no one has the right to enter. No one denies that the copper doors constitute only a drop in the middle of a sea full of wonders. Furthermore you will visit the Ceramics pottery, where expert handcrafters are producing wonderful products that will make the Hearts beat faster. There are all kind of dishes, such as  plates, bowls, glass, and many others that are only made from ceramics. Later we move on to the next Which a super amazing panoramic that known by Borj sud or Southern tower where you can have a very clear view of the old Medina and it’s narrow streets.

    → Visit Old Medina:

    Thereafter the time of getting lost in the Medina is arrived you have three full hours inside of the narrow medieval streets. During the three hours you you will visit The Najjarine Fountain, Medrasa Bouanania, and lastly the Quaraouin’s Mosque and University which thanks to Fatima El Fehria a A hardworking and ambitious woman worked hard to build this centuries-old historical landmark. At the end of this Marvellous and fascinating day your driver guide will transfer you to your Riad of yesterday for an overnight stay.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast.

    Distance: Around 10 Km Only Inside the city

    Duration:  4-5 Hours of the Sightseeing tour.


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Yamanda Palias Houyam Palais Faraj Suites

    Day 5: Fes - Ifrane - Cedar Forest - Ziz Valley - Merzouga Desert

    Exploration and fascination are endless in Morocco. Today is like no other. We will embark on a journey across the Small and Middle Atlantic, which are considered the independent Atlas mountain range. The trip takes us from Fez to Ifrane, or as visitors call it Little Switzerland, which is one of the cleanest and most beautiful Moroccan cities. This small city, located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, is considered a favorite destination for Moroccans and foreigners, especially in the winter, as it wears a white robe and opens its streets, mountains, and forests to lovers of nature, tranquility, and the mountain.

    Cedar Forest – Ziz Valley – Erfoud:

    From there to Cedar Forest the sight of the macaques here plays tricks on any visitor and approaches him to get some food. So be careful if you want to feed them. Free time for lunch then we drive to the Next stop which is the Ziz valley One of the largest oases in Africa. Extending over more than 150 km. The landscape is picturesque and charming due to the dense palm trees that give the place beauty and serenity. It is still a long way to reach the desert. On the way to the city of Erfoud, it is located and is considered one of the most important tourist cities in the region due to the number of classified hotels available in it. The city is also known for the manufacture of fossils and dates thanks to the palm trees that grows here.

    To Sahara Desert:

    Finally to the Sahara Desert of Merzouga Here you have the opportunity to contemplate the change in sand colors according to the change in daylight, especially when sitting on top of these dunes, which are the highest in Morocco. Most Merzouga visitors find what they seek in simplicity away from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life. In Sahara Desert You will find your camels waiting for you to take you on a trip of a lifetime. Moments you will never forget that you will undoubtedly live. Riding a camel gives you the opportunity to be amazed in the desert in slow motion. Beauty and magic are everywhere.

    The golden sands are a haven for relaxation, enjoyment, and diving. The camels will cross you the small and high dunes to reach your desert camp which locates at the heart of the Desert. In the camp you will sleep in a tent that it is nothing better then it. You will dance to the songs of Berber music under a sky filled with bright stars. And a full moon shining in a dark night.

    Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner.

    Distance:  460 Km from Fes to Sahara Desert.

    Duration:  8-9 Hours with Stops.


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Yasmina Standard Camp

    Tirsall Luxury Desert


    Yasmina Camp

    Desert Luxury Camp

    Day 6: Merzouga Desert Excursion

    Your desert excursion Starts after a typical breakfast in your Desert camp. You have the option to choose even to ride back the camels to the starting point or choose off road car 4×4 for coming back. After meeting your driver guide from Africa North Journeys and start an exploration day par excellence desert, our first visit for today is the Berber nomads who lives behind the golden dunes of Merzouga, making the place a haven for them away from the noise of cities and villages. We will have the opportunity to discover their way of life, and how they earn their living source. The experience is undoubtedly more wonderful than you can imagine.

    → To the Gnawa People:

    After drinking a cup of tea, we will set off again, and this time we will visit the Gnawa village, a place where only the dark-skinned people lives. They immigrated from poverty-stricken African countries, like Mali, Senegal, South Africa… They came and formed a tribe of their own, and now they have a special association for Gnawa music. We will have some fun together with theme and then, head to one of the oaseses in the desert to have a walk and discover together what grows in the desert and from where the water source comes from ? After lunch in one of the local restaurants specialies in Berber pizza making, we will take you to your hotel to continue the day by relaxing at the swimming pool or take a walk tour in the dunes behind your staying hotel.

    Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner.

    Distance:  40 Km from Around the Desert.

    Duration:  4 Hours of Exploration.


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Ksar Bicha Hotel Hotel Kasbah Yasmina Kasbah Hotel Tombouctou 

    Day 7: Merzouga Desert - Errisani - Todgha Gorge - Bomalen Dades

    The beauty of the day lies only at the experience of waking up before sunrise in order to enjoy the morning breeze and its scent that opens the brain and eyes. Watching the sun rise and the sand change colors is enjoyed only by the harvested persons. After breakfast and packing our luggage, we leave the desert with beautiful and unforgettable memories, making our way to other destinations that are, to say the least, charming and fascinating. Rissani is our first stop. The city experiences unusual demand on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday due to the vibrant market these days. A light visit and after the road has been paved again to the Todra Gorge, which just looking at it will amaze you with the beauty of the place and the greatness of the Creator.

    → To the Dades Gorge:

    The straight of the two huge mountains facing each other and a river between constitute nothing but a stunning view in every sense of the word. The Time does not seek to stay long, so we will continue the road, not any road, but the road of a thousand Kasbah. Not far from the Gorge is the city of Tinghir, which will honor us with a delicious and healthy lunch, Thereafter, we move to Boumalne Dades. If we arrive early, we will visit the Dades Gorge، which will make your heart beat faster and the eye will be amazed by the beauty and charm of the natural. With the scenery and the curves that formed a wonderful picture from the top of the mountain it’s just magical. Later head to the Riad for the overnight stay.

    Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner.

    Distance:  253 Km from Merzouga to Bomalen Dades.

    Duration:  6-7 Hours with Stops.


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Ksar Sultan Dar Blues Hotel Xaluca Dades 

    Day 8: Boumalne Dades - Ouarzazate - Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah - Telouat

    Today is an exploration day of the ancient kasbahs along the the thousands kasbahs road. After breakfast in your host. We head towards the city of Kelaat M’Gouna, or as many call it, the city of roses. Here, all the products you might imagine are made and only from roses, such as soap, shampoo, eye drops, cream, and many others. All of the above are sold in women’s associations that fight and struggle against poverty and illiteracy. From there, we head towards Ouarzazate, whose name literally means “without noise” in Berber, and the population is also of Berber origin. We have enough time to visit and take some pictures in front of the Tourirt Kasbah, which belongs to the well-known Glawi family, which enjoyed great wealth, money and power at the time of the colonization of Morocco by the French.

    → To Ait Ben Haddou:

    In addition, we will be visiting Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah a Palace which is considered one of the best surviving examples of 18th-century Moroccan architecture, and as a result, it has been used as a filming location for many international films, including Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy, The Warrior and others, as well as being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. After wandering at the Kasbah and explore it from inside and outside we make an hour of rest for ourselves to have Lunch at one of the closest Restaurants beside the Kasbah. Afterwards we leave the place and head to Telouat For the overnight stay in a fabulous Riad or Hotel at the heart of the Atlas Mountains.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.

    Distance: 197 Km from Boumalne Dades to Telouat.

    Duration:  4-5 Hours with Stops.


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Tizi Maison D’hotes Maison Afoulki Auberge Restaurant Telouat


    Day 9: Telouat - Tizi N'tichka - Marrakech Sightseeing tour

    After a super Mountain breakfast just closer to our accomodation we make a walk to Telouat kasbah. A kasbah that was visited by kings and controlled the route of trade caravans. Talouat was not famous for its strategic location or its built kasbah, but it was famous for the people of the land, “Al Glawi i” or the Pasha of Glaoui, one of the most prominent people on whom France relied to spread its expansionist policy. During the French colonial era, Al-Glawi combined greed, and cunning. His wealth over the past century was estimated at millions of dollars.

    Next, we drive to Marrakech throughout the linking point of Tizi N’tichka pass with an elevation of around 2260 meters above sea level. There is no doubt that we will have a wonderful pause at the highest peak to fascinates the magical views of the mountains. The feeling will be different, mixed with a little amazement and enjoyment. Thereafter directly to Marrakech a local tour guide is on the agenda for today. The guide will show you all the tourist attractions of Marrakesh, which include: Jemaa El Fna Square: It is the beating heart of Marrakesh. As well as the walls of Marrakesh: they are believed to have been built in the 12th century which surround the old city.

    → Historical Monuments:

    In addition to the Badi Palace, a historical palace dating back to the 16th century and is considered one of the wonders of the world. You will also visit the Saadian Tombs: a mausoleum for the Saadian royal family and the center for visiting and learning about the history of the kingdom. Also, the Koutoubia Mosque: a historical mosque built in the 12th century and expresses the cultural depth of the city. Finally, to Bahia Palace: a nineteenth-century palace that reflects luxury and beautiful design. Marrakesh is a multi-faceted tourist destination characterized by its historical and cultural beauty and the diversity of activities that visitors can enjoy. Later you have free time to continue strolling and continue exploring the old city on your own.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.

    Distance: Walk Tour

    Duration:  3 Hours of Exploration 


    Basic Middle Luxury
    Riad Zahri Riad Bahia Salam Spa La Maison Arabe Hotel

    Day 10: Marrakech - Transfert to Casablanca airport

    Today’s of the last in our Morocco itinerary 10 Days ends up with a transfer to Mohammad V international airport in Casablanca. But it’s depending on your departure time if you are departing during the afternoon or night then you still have more time in Marrakech to visit if you wish the Majorelle Garden but you have to Pay the ticket from yesterday which means a day before the enter to the Garden.

    While if you have the departure during the morning Earl or late you will be transferred earlier to the airport in order to have three hours of check-in and check-out at the airport. From then we say to you thanks for putting the trust on us and choosing Africa North journeys for your 10 days Vacation in Morocco we hope that you got a lot to tell and a lot of information about this beautiful country. So much love from Africa North journeys team.

    Distance: 215 km (3 Hours from your Marrakech accommodation to the Airport of Casablanca)

    Take into Account!!

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days is the most popular chosen tour. For that reason, we are offering it to you in case you can’t join us on a 8 Days Morocco Tour12-day Morocco trip or in a 14-day Grand Morocco tour. But also, please take into consideration that this 10-day Morocco tour includes most sites of Morocco. If our suggested trip doesn’t include a place, you are planning to visit or doesn’t fit your needs for any of the reasons. We will be so glad to receive your notes and updates according to this tour. Africa North Journey’s experienced team works hand in hand to customize your Moroccan tour to make it uniquely yours. 


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    10 Days in Morocco Note:

    Morocco Travels

    Tour Includes:

    • All Pickups & drops off during your Tour with us
    • Airport Transfers First and Last Day
    • Fluently English-speaking Guide or Driver
    • Well Comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned Private Vehicle
    • Fuel For the Vehicle
    • 8 Nights in a Super Clean and Comfortable accommodations
    • Marrakech Fes City Tours with Local Guides
    • Desert Experience (Camel Rides - Excursion)
    • Visits to Fabulous Sights and Unique Places
    • 1 Night in a Desert Luxury Camp or Standard
    • Assistant - Help 24/7 During your Tour with us
    • Breakfasts
    • Total of 3 Dinners (2) in Sahara Desert and (1) in Boumalne Dades

    Tour Excludes:

    • Lunches & Drinks & Dinners
    • Tickets of Historical Monuments
    • Travel insurance & Tipping

    10 Days Morocco itinerary Map:

    Morocco Holidays

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days

    Reviews & Testimonials

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days
    • Morocco tours
      10 Days Morocco Tour

      Our 10 Days in Morocco with Mohamed is the best holiday we ever experience. Me my husband did this tour the late of December to celebrate our one-year anniversary. And the best destination we chose to travel to is Morocco. Africa North Journeys customized for a lifetime itinerary that includes some of Morocco’s north parts, south and west. Our fantastic knowledgeable guide Mohamed went out of his way to way to make us comfortable and he also told us a lot of history about Morocco. I can’t Really thank you Mohamed for this amazing tour. highly recommended.

    • Morocco tours
      Morocco 10 Days trip

      Unbelievable 10 Days of Morocco. Mohamed and Hassan made our tour a great memorable one, driving us to Chefchaouen, Fes, the Sahara Desert and Marrakech then back to Casablanca. Moha was not just a driver guide but more becomes a friend of us he helped us a lot during or even before the tour. He explained us so much about Morocco and each place’s history. Hassan was our very carefully driver he speaks fluently Spanish. This business family manage offers a great chance for any European wants to explore Morocco they even brought us to their family for lunch which we didn’t expect.

    • Morocco tours
      Morocco Road Trip 10 Days

      Africa North Journeys is a fantastic tour experience. Mohamed the owner of the agency and in same time a tour guide has incredible knowledge of Morocco and has the unique ability to bring together exactly the right amount of culture, adventure & relaxation to give an amazing holiday experience. I highly recommend this amazing agency to anyone who wants an authentic Moroccan experience. best Morocco itinerary 10 Days ever.


    When planning your trip to Morocco, make sure to book your accommodations with Africa North Journeys for the best experience. Our selection of hotels and riads across the country caters to all preferences and budgets, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. From luxurious resorts with stunning views to cozy guesthouses in the heart of bustling medinas, Africa North Journeys has you covered. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Moroccan adventure with top-notch accommodations through Africa North Journeys.

    Standard Accommodations

    10 Days in Morocco

    The tour of 10 Days in Morocco offers you a variety of places to Visit and 9 overnights in 9 Unique and beautiful destinations! If you are looking for a Tour which includes transportation + Accommodations + and a Driver guide, you came to the right place: 

    Middle Class Accommodations

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days

    If you are a person who does not like to stay in standard accommodations, you have the chance to select middle class accommodations which we will offer you below, however you can book your accommodations by yourself according to your budget. These are just examples not guaranteed their availability so make sure to send us your inquiry as soon as possible

    Luxury Accommodations

    10 Days in Morocco

    Here in this last plan, we offer you the premium and luxury accommodations with 5 Stars Hotels & Riads and a luxury desert camp in Merzouga Desert. Feel free to drop us a line or a call and check the price of our 10 Days Morocco Luxury tour.

    Tour Price for each Category

    Best prices, look no further than Africa North Journeys. Book your next adventure with us and experience the beauty of Morocco without breaking the bank. Choose from a variety of budget-friendly options and make your travel dreams a reality. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Morocco at unbeatable prices – book with Africa North Journeys today.

    Trip Price including Standard Accommodations

    • Tour Total price for 1 person:   2421 Euro
    • Tour Total price for 2 persons: 2690 Euro
    • Tour Total price for 3 persons: 2979 Euro
    • Tour Total price for 4 persons: 3239 Euro (Two Couples)

    Tour price including middle class accommodations

    • Tour Total price for 1 person: 2798 Euro
    • Tour Total price for 2 persons: 2990 Euro
    • Tour Total price for 3 persons: 3370 Euro
    • Tour Total price for 4 persons: 3760 Euro (Two Couples)

    Tour price including luxury accommodations..

    Note you should Know!

    Please be aware that the accommodations above not specifically what you will get. It’s all about the availability so make sure to book your tour with us as soon as you can in order to get the accommodations, we have offered you above. Also know that the prices above are not fix which means it can change from period to another and from season to season. We work hard to provide you with best accommodation and reasonable prices. Please free to mix the accommodations as you prefer in order to create a unique experience that will defiantly fit your budget. We mean you can select standard hotels and in Sahara Desert you can select luxury camp and the opposite is true.

    Frequently asked questions?

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days

    Is Morocco itinerary 10 Days enough?

    Thinking to spend a 10 Days in Morocco and you wonder if this period of time is enough or not.! sincerely   10 Days is very enough to visit many fabulous destinations and make many activities in this beautiful and charming country. You will be making a round around Morocco from Casablanca and back to Casablanca. The places that you are going to see are (Casablanca – Rabat – Chefchaouen – Volubilis – Meknes – Fes – Ifrane – Sahara Desert – Rissani – Todgha and dades gorge – Ouarzazate – Ait ben Haddou and Marrakech. If you are looking for more than 10 Days in Morocco. Please check our 12 Day Morocco tour and 14 Day Morocco tour

    Which is the best airport to land in Marrakech or Casablanca??

    Concerning this question of which airport is the best to land in. Marrakech Menara airport or Mohamed V international airport. As a short answer it depends on you and on the offer that you got from the airline companies for example sometimes there are special offers and discount flights to Marrakech better than the one to Casablanca and the opposite. So, there is no best airport all Moroccan airports and destinations are unique one doesn’t same to other. 

    is it Morocco a safe Country?

    Morocco considers as a totally safe country. Thanks to the national elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, National Security and Intelligence, as well as the auxiliary forces that ensure the security and stability of the country. 

    Can I drink alcohol in Morocco?

    It is allowed to drink alcohol in Morocco, but not in public places or on the street, as that is completely prohibited. On the contrary, you can enjoy drinking alcohol in the places designated for that.

    How far can i book this 10 Days tour?

    Booking this tour should be as soon as you can for that we can arrange everything earlier from booking hotels transportation and also the local guides. But the confirmation of the tour being done after we receive a deposit of 20%.

    Book Your Morocco Tour

    Morocco itinerary 10 Days

    Africa North Journeys is at your service 24/7. Our experienced and Welcoming team ready to assist you customize your Moroccan tour. With our deep knowledge in tourism sector a lifetime tour experience is Guaranteed with us. Please Bear in Mind that booking a tour with Africa North Journeys a small deposit is required in order to confirm the tour.

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