Private 8 Days Around Morocco tour Itinerary from Casablanca to Marrakech

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    8 Days & 7 Nights
    Availability : Round-Year
    Min Age : +1

    8 Days Morocco tour

    Best 8 Day Morocco Itinerary from Casablanca

    8 Days Morocco tour

    If you love discovery, dive into culture of Arabe and Berber and try many and varied experiences. Otherwise, if you love history, civilization, and nature, we offer you this 8-day tour in Morocco. This tour includes everything previously stated. The launch will take place at the historical landmark of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital. Later on, to Rabat.

    Explore Rabat

    Our first visit to Rabat includes the Hassan Hermitage and the tombs of Moroccan kings Hassan II and Mohammed V. Whose loyalty to this country is God’s witness? We will also visit the Kasbah of Chellah and the Kasbah of Oudayas. They are brimming with a profound and abundant past. Moreover, we will travel to the Blue City (Chefchaouen), a city that evokes a sense of being in the sky among the clouds due to its dominant blue and white hues. Just one night, and we’ll leave behind this charming blue pearl and head towards Fez.

    Wander in Fes

    The city is brimming with ancient historical You will spend two magical nights here to explore the city to its fullest potential. Subsequently, we will journey towards the Sahara Desert, traversing a path brimming with delightful pauses and moments. In the desert, you will enjoy every moment’s details, from riding on the backs of camels to spending a 100% wild night in an imaginary camp in every sense of the word. During a day of unparalleled discovery, you will also visit the Nomads, Gnawa, and many other places around Merzouga.

    Discover Rissani & Ouarzazate & Marrakech

    In the remaining days of the tour, we will visit many worthwhile places and sites on the Route of a Thousand Kasbah. Rissani, a historical city and the birthplace of the Alawite royal family, will be our first stop. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to visit the two inspiring gorges of Todgha and Dades. These gorges rank among the top tourist destinations due to their psychological comfort and captivating views. Next to Ouarzazate, the Hollywood of Africa, a hub for numerous studios and international films from around the world. Later we move on to the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, where the historical depth of this castle is evident through its walls. Finally, spend the remainder of your tour in the red city of Marrakech before returning to Casablanca to end your 8 days in Morocco.

    Arrival & departure of 8 Days in Morocco

    Morocco Itinerary 8 Days

    Arrival Destination


    You will be picked up by our Driver Guide from the Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca

    Departure Destination


    You will be dropped off in Your Accommodation in Marrakech or in Menara International Airport.

    Morocco itinerary 8 Days

    Brief Itinerary of: 8 Day Itinerary Morocco

    Brief itinerary

       ‌‌1st Day:

    Arrival in Casablanca drive to Chefchaouen (Overnight in Chaouen)

    2nd Day:

    Chefchaouen to Fes (overnight in Fes)

    3rd Day:

    City tour in Fes (Overnight in Fes) ‌

    4th Day:

    Fes to Merzouga (Overnight in Merzouga) ‌

    5th Day:

    Merzouga Desert Excursion (Overnight in Merzouga)

    6th Day:

    Merzouga to Boumalne Dades (Overnight in Dades) ‌

    7th Day:

     Boumalne Dades to Marrakech (Overnight in Marrakech) ‌

    8th Day:

    Marrakech City Tour ‌

    Morocco Itinerary: 8 Days from Casablanca

    8 Days Morocco Itinerary

    Day 1: Arrival in Casablanca & Transfer to Chefchaouen Via Rabat

    The first day of your 8-day tour in Morocco begins with a pickup from the international airport in Casablanca. Toward the Moroccan capital, Rabat. Rabat boasts an abundance of historical buildings. Despite the striking similarities in architectural styles, Moroccan cities are characterized by encircling walls, thick wooden doors, mosques, and majestic palaces. Each of them has its own charm and unique architectural aesthetic. The Kasbah of Oudayas is one of Rabat’s distinctive historical buildings.

    Its distinctiveness extends beyond its historical significance; its unique location significantly contributes to this distinction. It is situated in the heart of Rabat’s distinctive white city, offering sweeping views of the sea and the Bouregreg River. Sultan Abd al-Mu’min al-Mawhad built it eight centuries ago, in 1165. Since then, it has been the preferred place for kings and sultans to reside.

    Visit Hassan Tower!

    After that, we visit Hassan’s hermitage. Only the Kasbah of the Oudayas, opposite it, rivals the stature of this towering hermitage in time and space. It is located adjacent to both the ocean and the river. Although the minaret remained alone in this place, the tomb of King Mohammed V began to fill up after the late King Hassan II built it as a tomb for his father. The boy soon joined his father and his brother, Prince Abdullah, to settle down a few meters away from a mosque that was still under construction. Next, we continue our lifetime journey to Chefchaouen, where you will spend your first night in Morocco.

    Meals included:  Breakfast

    Distance: 344 km

    Duration: 6–7 Hours with Stops

    Day 2: Chefchaouen - Volubilis - Meknes - Fes

    After enjoying a delicious breakfast in the northern city of Chefchaouen, your Moroccan adventure continues as you explore numerous charming sites. This will immerse us in the depths of history and civilization. And no doubt, the first stop that we are going to make is in Volubilis. Volubilis is a city that continues to preserve its glories and architectural splendor. It captivates visitors and draws them from across the globe. Here, visitors or lovers of historical monuments can stop and relive the Roman era that North Morocco or North Africa knew.

    The visitor can learn about the legend of Hercules wrestling around this place with the giant snake “Hydra.” Or see the statue of the god of wine, “Bacchus.” The statue mysteriously vanished in 1982. The city’s location also allows lovers of historical monuments to see the Arc de Triomphe. And the famous Capitol Temple. The ruins of the court and public square, along with the remnants of mills, olive presses, bathrooms, food stores, ovens, and marble columns that withstand the test of time, are all still visible today. Roman art inlays and inscriptions adorn the floor.

    Head to Meknes!

    After strolling through this fabulous site in Volubilis, we move towards Meknes. The earliest of the eleven centuries saw the founding of the Ismaili Capital, an ancient city, as a military settlement. But later, under King Moulay’s rule, the city became the kingdom’s capital. Extensive gardens, numerous edifices, mosques, and monuments transformed it into an impressive city. The city also boasts 40 kilometers of robust walls and unique historic gates.

    The eighteenth century marked the end of Meknes’ glory days with the death of Sultan Ismail and the earthquake of 1755, which destroyed parts of the city. UNESCO listed the city of Meknes as a World Heritage Site in 1996, citing its exceptional design that harmoniously combined elements of Islamic and European design and planning. From Meknes, we finally drive to our destination Fes. Upon arrival, we will transfer you after a full day of exploration and enjoyment to rest and relax in a first-rate riad or hotel.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast.

    Distance: 197 Km

    Duration: 5-6 Hours including Stops.

    Day 3: Sightseeing tour in Fes

    Today, you embark on a journey of discovery, delving into the depths of culture and history. With the assistance of an experienced local guide, a native of the region, he will diligently guide you through the historical aspects of this ancient city. This journey will take you through winding alleys brimming with shops and exciting attractions, as well as opportunities for shopping, hiking, and time travel. 

    During this sightseeing tour, you will be exploring the Golden Royal Doors. Although you cannot enter the palace as a visitor, it still looks stunning from the outside, with its magnificent gates that usually attract visitors to take wonderful photographs. Furthermore, visit Borj Sud located on top of a hill, here you will be able to enjoy a magical view of the entire old city and the green hills beyond. Next, proceed to the pottery factory, where traditional artisans assemble to create the most exquisite items. They create everything from pots to tiles, stone engravings, and much more.

    To the Medina:

    Now is the moment to immerse yourself in Medina. After exploring the city’s surrounding sites, you’ll now visit the following places: the Bou Inania Madrasa, a former Islamic school and an ancient educational edifice, has been in existence since its construction in 1350 and 1355, under the order of Sultan Abu Inan Al Marini. You can now fully explore it, marveling at its wonderful architecture and exquisite interior design.

    Also visit Al-Qarawiyyin University and Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in the city of Fez, whose construction dates back to the year 850 AD, in addition to being one of Morocco’s largest mosques in general, with a huge prayer hall that can accommodate approximately 20 thousand worshippers.

    It also includes one of the oldest libraries in the world, containing more than 30,000 books. Thereafter, visit Tannaries, or in Arabic, “Dar Al-Tabbagh” in Fez, which is considered one of its ancient spaces. Built in the eleventh century, it stands as the largest tanning house, situated near the Saffarine School on the riverbank in the “Al-Bali” neighborhood of Fez, the oldest neighborhood in the ancient city. Since Fez’s establishment, tanning has been an industry that has continued in the same way over the centuries. Finally, the day ends with a transfer to yesterday’s hotel for the second night.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast.

    Distance: 15 Km from inside the city

    Duration: 4-5 Hours of Exploration.

    Day 4: Fes - Ifrane - Cedar Forest - Ziz Valley - Merzouga Desert

    We will leave Fez and make our way to the Sahara Desert of Merzouga. Along the way, many charming sights and pleasant places await us. Our first stop will be the ancient land of lions, specifically in the Anti-Atlas, where Ifrane, or, as it is known, Morocco’s Switzerland, is located. Here, you have enough time for a coffee break. Take advantage of the opportunity to take a souvenir photo. A statue depicts the lion, signifying that the location was once a lion’s habitat. We drive from Ifrane to the Cedar Forst where the wild Macaques lives. Next to Zaida or Rich for a barbecue lunch, followed by a stop at the charming Ziz Valley, where your camera can capture a wonderful panoramic view.

    Later reach the Sahara Desert:

    Finally, we will arrive at the gateway to the desert, a small and hospitable city named Erfoud, renowned for its dates and fossil production. After that, we will travel to the golden dunes of Merzouga, also known as the Erg Chebbi dunes, where you will spend a magical two days. The first night will be spent in a beautiful and well-decorated camp located at the heart of the middle dunes second night in a luxury hotel. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable camel trek into the Sahara Desert’s dunes, where the golden sands stretch endlessly under the vast desert sky. As night falls, settle into a traditional Berber camp, where the warmth of hospitality and the magic of the desert awaits, promising an enchanting stay beneath the stars.

    Meals included:  Breakfast.

    Distance:  460 Km.

    Duration:  8-9 Hours with Stops.

    Day 5: Merzouga Desert Excursion Around Erg Chebbi Dunes

    The sun is shining smoothly; take advantage and don’t miss the opportunity to catch an unforgettable sunrise that might be the best in your life. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, we will embark on our exploration day toward the Nomad families, traverse Mefiss Mountain to reach Gnawa Village, and conclude with a leisurely stroll through one of the region’s vibrant green oases. Some adventures on the dunes by our 4×4 car is a must.

    Once we arrive, the nomads enjoy a cup of tea and explore their lifestyle, then later we head straight to Mefiss Mountain. Since Morocco’s independence in 1956, most locals have relied on this mountain for their livelihood. Next, we visit Gnawa Village, where the rhythmic beats of traditional music pulse through the air, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into Morocco’s rich musical heritage. Finally, drive to Merzouga Oasis for a walk and explore together what’s growing in the region. After lunch, proceed to the hotel for an overnight stay. Undoubtedly, your 8-day Morocco tour still makes your holiday unique.

    Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner.

    Distance:  40 Km.

    Duration:  4 Hours of Exploration.

    Day 6: Merzouga Desert - Errisani - Todgha Gorge - Bomalen Dades

    Good morning! A new day brings new adventures. Pack your bags, say goodbye to the Sahara Desert, and let’s start the day by driving to Rissani, the center of the honorable Alawite state’s establishment. The city also played a significant role in trade, serving as a crucial crossing point for goods traveling from North Africa to the Levant or sub-Saharan African countries.

    We have ample time to stroll through Rissani’s Market. We aim to explore the traditional crafts produced by the artisans in this small city. Explore its centuries-old alleys, dating back to the city’s inception. Next, we continue driving to The Todgha gorge stretches 25 kilometers from Rissani’s head. They are solid rocky components that do not break easily, have a red color, and reach a height of at least 300 meters. The turbid Todgha Valley, flowing year-round, penetrates them. Take a walk along the river, then head back to Boumalne Dades for an overnight stay in a lovely riad with a breathtaking panorama.

    Meals included:  Breakfast and Dinner.

    Distance:  253 Km.

    Duration:  6-7 Hours with Stops.

    Day 7: Boumalne Dades - Ouarzazate - Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah - Tizi N T'ichka - Marrakech

    From Boumalne Dades, we leave for Marrakech, passing through many wonderful places that can mark a great moment in your memory. We begin our journey to the magnificent city of Kalaat M’Gouna, where you can immerse yourself in the Rose Valley and explore one of the local women’s cooperatives that specialize in Producing various products from roses. From Kalaat M’Gouna, we proceed to Ouarzazate, a city that ceased to exist for a century and was initially a military settlement. The construction of numerous film studios in Ouarzazate has led to the city’s rise to fame and development.

    To Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah!

    Afterward, the fortified castle of Ait Ben Haddou, which dates back to the 11th century of its construction, settled not far from Ouarzazate. Films such as Lawrence of Arabia in 1971, Games of Thrones in 2012, and Kingdom of Heaven in 2003–2004 have shot hundreds of scenes here. From there, we continue to Marrakech via Tizi N T’ichka Pass, at an elevation of 2260 meters above sea level. We will take a moment to take in the magnificent atmosphere before continuing our journey to Marrakech, but not before stopping for a delicious lunch. Upon arrival, we transfer you to the Riad for an overnight stay.

    Meals included:  Only Breakfast included.

    Distance: 342 km

    Duration:  5-6 Hours with stops

    Day 8: Marrakech Sightseeing tour - Airport Transfer

    After breakfast, your local guide is on the agenda for today. He will be meeting you in your host and embark together on a journey to explore Marrakech, uncovering the secrets behind the most important sites that are worthy of your visit. First, you will begin to explore the mesmerizing Koutoubia Mosque, then Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs, and Ben Youssef Quranic Mosque. Finally, wander in the old Medina to explore the souks and what handcrafters make and sell. Later, after the end of your sightseeing tour, we will transfer you to the airport, where your 8-day Morocco tour ends.

    Take into Account!!

    Please note that this 8-day Morocco tour is merely a suggestion based on our assessment of your needs and preferences. If it doesn’t align with your preferences, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is available 24/7 to customize an itinerary that best suits your needs and the places you frequently visit.

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    Morocco itinerary 8 Day Note:

    8 Days from Casablanca

    What's Includes:

    • All Pickups & drops off during your Tour with us
    • Airport Transfers First and Last Day
    • Fluently English-speaking Guide or Driver
    • Well Comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned Private Vehicle
    • Fuel For the Vehicle
    • 6 Nights in a Super Clean and Comfortable accommodations
    • Marrakech Fes City Tours with Local Guides
    • Desert Experience (Camel Rides - Excursion)
    • Visits to Fabulous Sights and Unique Places
    • 1 Night in a Desert Luxury Camp or Standard
    • Assistant - Help 24/7 During your Tour with us
    • Breakfasts
    • Total of 3 Dinners (2) in Sahara Desert and (1) in Boumalne Dades

    Tour Excludes:

    • Lunches & Drinks & Dinners
    • Tickets of Historical Monuments
    • Travel insurance & Tipping

    8 Days Tour in Morocco Map:

    Morocco 8 Day Itinerary

    8 Days Morocco tour

    Reviews & Testimonials

    8 Days tour from Casablanca
    • Morocco tours
      Morocco 8 Day Tour
      Sapin, Catalan

      Lahsen was our driver, Mohamed also joined us during our trip. They organized the route and hotels for us, very nice riads, clean and beautiful. Was a long way but we got to see a lot of Morocco, from north to south, from west to east, desert, sea, delicious food, cities like Tanger, Fes and Marraquech, little villages like Chefchaouen and Essauira and a lot of magic landscapes. They have plenty experience and know where to stop to see monkeys, where to eat in local restaurants etc… Lahsen speaks perfectly Spanish

    Frequently asked questions?

    8 Days Morocco Tour

    Is 8 Days Morocco Tour enough?

    You are considering a stay of 8 days in Morocco, and you are unsure if this time frame will suffice. In all honesty, 8 days is more than sufficient to explore numerous amazing locations and engage in a variety of activities within this stunning and captivating nation. You will embark on a round-trip journey around Morocco, starting from Casablanca and concluding in Marrakech. The places that you are going to see are Casablanca, Rabat, Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Meknes, Fes, Ifrane, the Sahara Desert, Rissani, Todgha and Dades Gorges, Ouarzazate, Ait Ben Haddou, and Marrakech. 

    Which is the best airport to land in Marrakech or Casablanca??

    When it comes to deciding which airport is the best to land at, is it Marrakech Menara Airport or Mohamed V International Airport? In short, it all depends on your preferences and the offers you receive from the airline companies. For instance, there are occasions when special offers and discounted flights to Marrakech are more favorable than those to Casablanca, and vice versa. So, there is no best airport. All Moroccan airports and destinations are unique; one isn’t the same as another.

    is it Morocco a safe Country?

    Morocco is considered a totally safe country. The Royal Gendarmerie, National Security, and Intelligence, along with other auxiliary forces, contribute significantly to the country’s security and stability.

    Can I drink alcohol in Morocco?

    In Morocco, you can consume alcohol, but it’s strictly forbidden to do so in public areas or on the streets. On the contrary, you can enjoy drinking alcohol in the designated areas.

    How far can i book this 8 Days tour?

    We recommend booking this tour as soon as possible, allowing us to arrange everything in advance, including hotel transportation and local guides. However, we only confirm the tour once we receive a deposit of 20%.

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    8 Days Morocco Tour

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