Tipping in Morocco

Tipping in Morocco

A Guide to Tipping in Morocco: Understanding the Etiquette and Expectations

Tipping in Morocco

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Tipping, or “baksheesh” as it’s often called in Morocco, is a customary practice deeply ingrained in the culture. Navigating when and how much to tip can be a bit confusing for travelers, especially when trying to balance generosity with local norms. This guide aims to demystify the tipping culture in Morocco, providing you with the insights needed to tip appropriately and respectfully during your travels.

Understanding the Basics of Tipping in Morocco

In Morocco, tipping is a common way to show appreciation for good service, and it’s expected in many situations. The amounts can vary based on the service provided, the quality of service, and the context. Generally, tipping is not mandatory, but it is highly appreciated and can significantly enhance your experience by fostering goodwill.

Tipping in Restaurants and Cafes

1. High-End Restaurants

In more upscale restaurants, a service charge may already be included in your bill. However, if it isn’t, leaving a tip of around 10-15% of the total bill is customary. If the service was exceptional, feel free to tip more generously.

2. Mid-Range and Budget Eateries

For casual dining establishments and cafes, leaving a tip of around 5-10% is typical. This can be left in cash on the table or handed directly to your server. Even a small tip is appreciated, as it contributes to the staff’s overall earnings.

3. Street Food and Small Vendors

Tipping is not generally expected at street food stalls or small local eateries. However, if you receive exceptional service or have a pleasant interaction, leaving a small tip, such as a few dirhams, is a nice gesture.

Tipping in Hotels

1. Hotel Staff

  • Bellboys and Porters: When assisted with your luggage, it’s customary to tip around 10-20 MAD (Moroccan Dirham) per bag.
  • Housekeeping: For cleaning staff, leaving a tip of 10-20 MAD per day is a nice gesture, especially if you stay for several days.

2. Concierge and Other Services

If the concierge provides you with valuable assistance, such as making reservations or giving excellent advice, a tip of 50-100 MAD is appropriate. For other services, such as room service or laundry, a small tip of 10-20 MAD is customary.

Tipping for Transportation

1. Taxis

In Morocco, taxi fares are often negotiated in advance, especially for longer rides. For short rides within cities, it’s common to round up to the nearest 5-10 MAD. For longer rides or if the driver was particularly helpful or courteous, a tip of 10-20 MAD is appreciated.

2. Private Drivers and Tour Guides

If you hire a private driver or tour guide for a day trip or extended tour, tipping is expected. For private drivers, a tip of around 50-100 MAD per day is standard. For tour guides, tipping 100-200 MAD per day is a good rule of thumb, depending on the length and quality of the service provided.

3. Shared Taxis and Public Transport

Tipping is not expected for shared taxis (grands taxis) or public buses. However, rounding up the fare or leaving a small tip for exceptional service is always appreciated.

Tipping in Tours and Excursions

1. Group Tours

If you join a group tour, it’s customary to tip the guide at the end of the tour. A tip of 20-50 MAD per person for a half-day tour, or 50-100 MAD for a full-day tour, is appropriate. If there is a driver, a separate tip of 20-50 MAD per person is also customary.

2. Multi-Day Tours

For multi-day tours, tipping the guide and driver is essential. A tip of around 50-100 MAD per person per day for the guide, and 50-100 MAD per person per day for the driver, is standard. If the service was exceptional, you might consider tipping more.

Tipping in Other Situations

1. Hammams (Traditional Moroccan Baths)

When visiting a traditional hammam, it’s customary to tip the attendants who provide scrubbing and washing services. A tip of around 20-50 MAD is appropriate, depending on the level of service and the establishment.

2. Musicians and Performers

In public places such as Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech, you’ll encounter musicians, acrobats, and other performers. If you stop to watch a performance, it’s polite to leave a small tip, usually around 5-10 MAD.

3. Restroom Attendants

In some public restrooms, especially in tourist areas, there may be an attendant who keeps the facilities clean. Leaving a small tip of 1-2 MAD is customary.

Tips for Tipping in Morocco

1. Carry Small Change

To tip appropriately, it’s helpful to carry small denominations of Moroccan Dirhams (MAD). This makes it easier to leave small tips without overpaying.

2. Be Discreet

When tipping, it’s considered polite to be discreet. Hand the tip directly to the person or leave it in a place where it can be easily collected without drawing too much attention.

3. Show Appreciation

Tipping is a way to show appreciation for good service. A smile and a thank you, or “shukran” in Arabic, go a long way in expressing your gratitude.

4. Understand the Local Economy

While tipping is appreciated, it’s also important to understand the local economy. Wages in Morocco can be relatively low, and tips often make up a significant portion of income for service workers. Your generosity can make a big difference.

5. Adapt to the Situation

Tipping practices can vary depending on the region and the type of service. Observe local customs and adapt your tipping accordingly. When in doubt, a small tip is usually better than no tip at all.

Cultural Considerations

1. Respect for Tradition

Morocco is a country with rich traditions and customs. While tipping is common, it’s also important to respect the local culture and traditions. Dress modestly, be polite, and show respect for the local way of life.

2. Building Relationships

In Morocco, relationships and hospitality are highly valued. Tipping can help build positive relationships with the locals you interact with. It’s not just about the money, but also about showing respect and appreciation for the service provided.

3. Enhancing Your Experience

Tipping appropriately can enhance your overall experience in Morocco. It fosters goodwill and can lead to better service, more genuine interactions, and a deeper understanding of the local culture.


Tipping in Morocco is an integral part of the travel experience, reflecting both appreciation for good service and respect for local customs. By understanding when and how much to tip, you can navigate this aspect of Moroccan culture with confidence and grace. Remember to carry small change, be discreet, and show genuine appreciation for the services provided. Your thoughtfulness will not only be appreciated but will also enrich your journey through this enchanting country. Safe travels and happy tipping!

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