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Moroccan flag

Moroccan flag

What’s Morocco flag History?

The Moroccan flag has a meaning behind for sure as you see here there is tow colors (red, green) the red color means the blood of martyrs and those who died for the defense of the homeland, and the green color as a form of star in the center means represents the five pillars of Islam. The flag was served as a national flag of Morocco since 17 November 1915. Which makes it the second old flag in the world after Tunisia. The Moroccan flag was designed by Moulay Youssef the sultan or the king of the Alawite dynasty who ruled Morocco between 1912 and 1927, This flag is a rectangular flag consisting of a red background and a five-pointed star in the center in light green.

The Moroccan constitution stipulates that one point of the five-pointed star is always upward. Before the flag was only with red color without any additions. the green color wasn’t added to the flag except in te year 1915. As for the red color, it was the first color used in the flag, and it has remained so since the year 1147.

Moroccan flag History